7 Best Things To Do in Ernakulam Whenever you visit This Beautiful Destination of Kerala 

Things To Do in Ernakulam
Things To Do in Ernakulam
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Ernakulam has many natural, wild Lakes, backwaters, seas, and many other Sightseeing. Check out some of our Ernakulam Tour Packages with the below-mentioned nine things to do in Ernakulam. These are for tourists of all ages can enjoy a weeklong Ernakulam trip. Your Ernakulam tour will be memorable as you can never see similar places and things to do as found here. Kerala is known for preserving its tradition and culture. The Kerala Tourism Development Board, or KTDC, is taking utmost care to promote Eco-tourism in Ernakulam. It is a tourist-friendly place in central Kerala that offers  

Eranakual has many hidden natural treasures like islets on the backwaters, rivers, islands in the Arabian Sea, beaches, and rainforests bordering the Western Ghats. Eranakuam is accessible via sea, rail, road, and air. Things to do in Kochi are more aquatics than you move towards the rainforest areas in the west. Tourists can go solo; couples, groups, and families have various things to do in Cochin. Ernakulam is the best place to land for budget and luxury tourism in Kerala State, south India. It is an international destination promoting boathouse tourism in the backwater of Ernakulam. 

Explore the Hidden Beauty of Ernakulam During the Kerala Trip

1. Go Boating at Cochin Marine Drive

Once on Cochin Marine Drive, boating is one of the aquatic things to do on the Ernakulam tour. It is a recreational and adventure activity when you come in a group. The boats are available in standard, premium, and luxury types. It is the best way to see the Cochin City skyline, the marine drive bridge, and the Cochin natural seaport from the backwaters of Ernakulam. Tourists can book party trips with food and beverages in a group. Kochi marine drive boating booking in advance is necessary during the peak tourist season from December to May. The marine drive Kochi boating price depends on the boat type, timing, and the number of people.

Entry Cost: INR 350 to 1200 per head for an hour

Explore Timing: 1 to 3 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

2. Visit Fort Kochi to see how Chinese Fishing Net Works

Are there any iconic landmarks on the backwaters of Ernakulam? Then it is the Chinese fishing net or the Cheena Vala in Malayalam. The Chinese fishing nets Kochi’s history begins in 14CE when the Chinese marine explorer Zheng He arrived in Ernakulam and taught the local fisherman how to make their fishing net with bamboo sticks and oil-lit lanterns. Since 2000, the local fishers have served the tourist’s fresh catch of sea, lake, and backwater fishes and prawns to serve fresh grilled and spice-fried fish to tourists on the shores of the backwaters. You will be surprised to see how many fishes are caught in a simple trick and effortless fishing with a Chinese fishing net. 

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 1 to 2 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 06:00 Am to 07:00 PM

3. Visit Kodanad to see Abhayaranyam Mini Zoo

Are there any wild things to do in Ernakulam? Then visit Abhayaranyam Mini Zoo during the Ernakulam trip. You will reach the tropical rainforest cover of the Kodanad to see the native elephants of the Western Ghats. You can see the Mahut or Anna Pappan give training to small and big elephants. These mammoths have a wooden elephant shed named the Anna Kudam in the Kodanad elephant training centre. Families with kids can enjoy the most as you can touch and be near the friendly animals in this zoo. Kochi to Kodanad elephant training centre distance is 51 Km.

Entry Cost: INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children

Explore Timing: 2 to 4 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

4. Explore the Backwater Islets on Local Ferry Ride

The cheapest way to explore the Ernakulam backwaters, marine drive, Kochi islets, islands, and the Cochin seaport is by ferry boat services. Kochi ferry timings vary with island and Islet destination. A day trip is necessary to explore the backwaters of Fort Kochi, Vallarpadam, Mattancherry, and Vypin Island. In some parts of your boat ride, you will be on the Kochi backwaters, Vembanad Lake, and the Arabian Sea merging with the backwaters. You can see many cargo and cruise ships waiting for their turn to reach Cochin port while on your boat trip in Kerala state-run ferry services.

Entry Cost: INR 20 to 30 per head

Explore Timing: 2 to 10 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 06:00 AM to 09:30 PM

5. Watch Kerala Dance Forms at Kathakali Center Kochi

One of the cultural things to do on the Ernakulam tour is to see Kathakali Attam. Kerala Kathakali Centre Fort Kochi is most visited by art and dance lovers. Kathakali is an ancient Kerala dance form performed by adult men and women at temples, rituals, functions, and events. Today, It is not easy to master this dance. It is dealt with facial expression and rapid eye movement to show ginger and vigor. The Kathakali costume is the main attraction. It takes more than 3 hours for a Kathakali performer to get ready to dance. It is the best place to see the masters in Kathakali showing their dance skills in a narrative story. 

Entry Cost: INR 350

Explore Timing: 2 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 06:30 AM to 09:00 PM

6. Get Wellness Therapies from Ayurvedic Spas in Ernakulam

Kerala is the land of Ayurveda and Yoga. Foreign and domestic tourist do visit Ernakulam for wellness. The ayurvedic massage Kakkanad and Ayurvedic spas are present near the beachfront, MG Road, and islets of Ernakulam. It is advisable to come under a spa package and relish with new energy. A Couples spa is also available in luxury and garden spas. They give full body massages, herbal baths, aromatic baths, wellness therapies, Yoga, and meditation. The Ayurvedic, natural or herbal spas present in Ernakulam are very different from other world saps. The Ayurvedic wellness therapies are done by experienced Malayalees only.     

Entry Cost: INR 500 > based on wellness therapies

Explore Timing: 2 to 4 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM

7. Go for a Backwater Tour on a day trip

The Vembanad Lake in Ernakulam is the beginning point for Kumarakom-Alleppey boathouse tourism. Cochin boathouse day trip is necessary as you take the Cochin City tour. Tiny boathouses are for couples, and premium houseboats are for group tours. It is with food and beverages. You will explore the paddy fields, palm groves, tiny islets, and the Arabian Sea, mixing with backwater near the seashore. It is a freshwater lake, and you can see marine life in clear water. On your trip, you will feel Kerala is God’s Own Country. Tourists can take boathouse trips in all seasons. 

Entry Cost: INR 5000 and above according to boat type

Explore Timing: 5 to 8 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Are Cochin and Ernakulam the same?

A. Yes, Cochin is the colonial-era name of Ernakulam District of Kerala State. Malayalees made Cochin, in short, is Kochi. 

Q. Why is Ernakulam not suitable for travelling during the monsoon? 

A. The monsoon rain begins in June and lasts till November. During the rain, floods happen due to the rise in the river water. Thus, it is not safe to tour Ernakulam during the rain.

Q. I am a solo woman tourist and wish to tour Ernakulam within a budget; what to do?

A. Traveling by metro train, Kerala transport buses, and ferry services is advisable to save some money on local transportation on your Ernakulam tour.


Ernakulam is included in most of the Kerala tour packages. Things to do in Ernakulam are many. It is advisable to check all-inclusive Ernakulam tour packages and cross-check the things to do during the incursion. The best season to visit Kerala to do the abovementioned things to do is from December to May.

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