10 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Ernakulam that will take you Old India Memories 

Places to Visit in Ernakulam
Places to Visit in Ernakulam
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Ernakulam, previously known as Cochin or Kochi, is the primary trade hub of Kerala in south India. Ernakulam is the starting point of Kerala tourism by the Kerala Tourism Development Board Corporation or KTDC. Most God’s Own Country tour takers land at Kochi Nedumbassery International Airport. The Cochin Port receives international cruise tour vessels. The Ernakulam North and South railway station is the main junction to alight for the Cochin trip. We have listed here the best tourist places to visit on the Ernakulam tour. Kochi is a tourist-friendly destination in Kerala and the local people speak both Hindi and English apart from their native languages. There are many places to visit in Ernakulam during the trip to Kerala.

Explore Kerala Trip to Know the Culture and Traditions During the Ernakulam Visit

Kochi or Ernakulam is the famous spice trade centre of India where the mediaeval time explored the Vasco De Gama loved to live and breathe his last breath at Fort Kochi. Still today, you will find the colonial influence of the British, French, Portuguese and Spain. Most importantly, word Cochin emerged from the words ‘Go to China’, as you will be surprised to see many Chinese fishing nets near the backwaters of Ernakulam. In this article, we have listed these tourist places to visit in Ernakulam to know the cultural values of Malayalees and their tradition.

1. Dutch Palace

It will be a wonder to know that Dutch colonists built this palace for the King of Ernakulam in 1555 CE and today, Dutch Palace functions as the Museum of Mattancherry. The Mattancherry Palace’s history begins with the spice trade to Europe. Later the colonial influences in Ernakulam by the British, French, Portuguese and Spain upgraded this palace many times. It is a beautiful Kerala Style Royal Palace built by Dutch traders. In the present days, this place is in good condition and you will find antiquities, murals, paintings, chandeliers, royal furniture, and erstwhile arms and ammunition. This palace is worth visiting to see the exquisite woodcraft works on the interiors and exteriors of Kerala’s architectural style.    

Entry Cost: INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children

Explore Timing: 2 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

2. Vypin Island

Ernakulam is also known as Queen of the Arabian Sea and Vypeen Island is the place where you can see the sunset in the Arabian Sea. Vypeen is a narrow stretch of the island on the west coast of Cochin and to reach this island, one has to travel by ferry board or can reach by road crossing Vypin bridge from the mainland. It is famous as a local picnic spot and weekend getaway party for Kochi and nearby district people. Tourists can enjoy beach and local eateries, restaurants and hotels serving authentic Kelara and signature dishes of the theme restaurants on the beachfront. Swimming at sea is allowed during the low tide.    

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 5 to 10 hours

Opening and closing Timing: Open 24-hours

3. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

It is the first and only bird sanctuary in the state of Kerala, which is in between the Kothamangalam – Pooyamkutty Road at Nayapalli. Nature and bird lovers must visit here on a day trip as one of the best tourist places to visit Ernakulam. You will hike in the dense deciduous rainforest with lakes, ponds, pine and rubber forest. A binocular is necessary to find the small to medium-sized migratory birds in the trees and wetlands. Big water birds are visible to the naked eye on the lakes and swamps. There are a hundred varieties of native and migrating birds visible during varied seasons.   

Entry Cost: INR 20 for Adults and INR 10 for children

Explore Timing: 5 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM

4. Cherai Beach

Tourists can reach here by boat or road crossing the Vypin bridge. It is the only place to see the backwater, seawater and lagoon in one place in Kerala. Cherai has a sprawling stretch of 10 Km beachfront. There are many beach resorts and restaurants that cater to tourist’s stay and food needs. It is the best beach to sit and have a sunbath, swim in the Arabian Sea and relax with your loved ones watching the sunset. This beach is filled with backpackers and local picnic goers from the Cochin mainland during the weekends. 

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 5 to 10 hours

Opening and closing Timing: Open 24-hours

5. MG Road

The Mahatma Gandhi Road is the lifeline of Cochin City and the Marine drive area in Ernakulam. It is a shopper’s paradise for shopping at big shopping malls, decors, branded jewellers, fashion, electronics and international brands, appliances and furniture. The top stories of the MG road buildings are offices of the export, import, cargo, courier, travel and tourism. MG road is the only place in Ernakulam to taste authentic south and north Indian dishes. The famous MG Road Ernakulam theatres are Cinepolis, Padma, and Shenoy. These theatre names are also the bus stop names on MG Road. 

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 4 – 5 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM

6. Hill Palace

It is a hilltop palace in Irumpanam, Tripunithura, in Ernakulam District. Hill palace was built in 1865 for the Kochi king. Today, this palace is a Kerala Heritage museum. You can find many antiquities, arts and crafts of the erstwhile Maharajas of Kochi. This Hill palace architecture has two stories palace with 49 complexes, a kid’s garden and a vast lush green palace garden. The palace pond is a unique example of Kerala-style brick-laying works. You will find many monolith stone-carved chapters inside and in the garden. History buffs and antique lovers must visit this place to learn about the Kochi kingdom, their tradition and culture in miniature and art forms.      

Tourist Places to Visit in Ernakulam: INR 20 for Adults and INR 7 for children

Explore Timing: 4 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 09:00 AM – 12:00 Noon and 02:00 PM to 4: 30 PM

7. David Hall Art Gallery

The David Hall’s history dates back to 1695 as a bungalow built for the Dutch East India Company in Kochi. After India’s independence, it was converted into a Contemporary art gallery. The significant attraction of this hall is it contains present-day artists’ artworks. Yet, you can see many colonial-era paintings, murals, clothing, crafts and artefacts. A half-day trip is enough to see this attraction by art lovers, history buffs and others. This bungalow is in Kerala architectural style in a lush green surrounding. David hall is a restaurant and cafe to serve pizzas and cold and hot beverages for visitors.   

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 2 – 3 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM

8. Cochin Marine Drive

Ernakulam Marine Drive is the rarest one in this world. The uniqueness of this marine area is Cochin’s natural seaport, backwaters, seawater and lake along the stretch of this marine drive. Thus, tourists can watch cargo and cruise ships enter and exit from this port anytime. The local boat jetty carries tourists and native passengers to Mattancherry, Fort Kochi, Valarpadam and Vypin Island. Ernakulam marine drive DJ boating is trending to attract pirates and tourists to go boating with food and entertainment in the Ernakulam tour. The Kochi locals gather here during the evening for food and strolling.

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: 5 hours

Opening and closing Timing: 24-hours

9. Princess Street 

This street is dedicated to the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco De Gama. The house where he lived and died on 24/12/1524 is a Vasco House, now a famous hotel in Fort Kochi. The Government of Kerala has named Vasco Da Gama Square to honour this sailor who loved to live in God’s Own Country. This street has cafes, restaurants, and hotels run by the erstwhile colonial people’s descendants who are Anglo-Indian and Indian now. It is one of the cultural heritage streets in Fort Kochi to see the colonial influence in Kerala.  

Entry Cost: Nil

Tourist Places to Visit in Ernakulamg: An half or full-day trip

Opening and closing Timing: 24-hours

10. Fort Kochi

This Fort today is one of the most attractive tourist places in Ernakulam. The scenic beauty of this place is surrounded by the sea forts and the Cheena vala or Chinese fishing net. It will be amazing to see local fishermen attempting to catch sea and backwater fish with the Chinese fishing net. They are made of bamboo sticks and have an oil-lit lantern in the middle to catch fish during the night. You can taste fresh fish and prawns served here in oil fry and grill forms. It is a photographer’s paradise to take these Chinese fishing nets with the backdrop of sunset in the Arabian Sea.    

Entry Cost: Nil

Explore Timing: A day trip

Opening and closing Timing: 24-hours

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Do I need a local tour guide to troll around Cochin Marine Drive?

A. Cochin Marine drive is a narrow stretch of seafront with a man-made stone ridge or sea barricade. It is a walker’s way to see the sea, and the east front is full of commercial complexes of mixed uses. Thus, you will get all your food and beverage needs in one place. A tour guide is optional here.

Q. What to do if I missed the last ferry boat from Vypin Island to MG Road ferry Ernakulam?

A. Stay calm if you missed the last boat once on Vypin Island. Vypin is connected via road in the north end. Thus, you can go via private bus or by hiring a taxi.

Q. Which is the best resort to stay in for honeymooners while on the Ernakulam tour? 

A. The Bolgati palace is a private island and a resort near Cochin Marine Drive. It is the best resort to stay in for honeymooners while on the Ernakulam tour.

Q. Is Ernakualm a costly city to take a city tour?

A. Ernakulam is budget-friendly and a costly place to take a city tour. Thus, check the price of local transportation modes, types of hotels and restaurants, and shopping malls before you enter.


An Eranakual Tour Package is the best to book if you wish to visit these tourist places mentioned above in Ernakulam. Yet, an all-inclusive Kerala tour Package for Family begins from Eranakual as most of the tourist land at Kochi international airport. A weeklong tour is essential to see all the Tourist places in Ernakulam. Thus, plan accordingly.

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